There are moments that overwhelm me, situations that baffle me, people who confuse me, and feelings that surprise me, and then there are those times when everything seems just right. Times with my Nikki always feel like home, like warm apple pie, like crisp $20 bills, like evenings with the Simmseses, like New York style pizza, like waking up at Kripalu, like hot chocolate when it’s snowing, like Tiger Woods on Father’s Day, like the Nordstrom’s Anniversary Sale, like shoe shopping with the Diva, like 3 hour phone conversations, like anytime with my family.

I dig those times that feel right, that are right without any confusion or pretense, without any walls or any boundaries, without any disappointments or disconnection. I cherish those experiences, moreso recently as I’m in the process of transition, of letting go of things that I held on to with a stranglehold, of realizing my place in this space, and of becoming who it is I was created to be. One thing I know for sure is that home and situations that feel like home are precious and natural. They breathe life into me, they awaken my spirit, they renew my mind, they nourish me.

I’m at a place in my life where natural is just about the only way I can do life. I’m in a space where comfort is key. This is not to say that I expect that life will always be comfortable, have mercy, but I’m certainly not inviting or breeding discomfort and I’m not going to manufacture situations and relationships that are so far from the feeling of home and the like that I can’t see home anymore.

I have been far from home, and it takes times like tonight with my Nikki to remind me about the comforts of home. I hear her voice, her genuine concern for my heart, her deep laugh after she’s heard about one of my recent escapades, and I know that I’m in the presence of a genuine friend. There is no guesswork, no script, no confusion. It’s just two friends who get each other doing what is natural. And when I experience times like tonight, I wonder how I’ve ever dealt with anything less.