Who knows you? Really, who knows you?

Knows your heart, knows your hurts,
knows your quirks, knows your questions,
knows your fears, knows your frustrations,
knows your truth, knows your trials.
Who knows you?

Who knows what you have waited for,
longed for,
prayed for,
run from,
left behind,
managed to gain,
chosen to lose?

Who knows what you gave away, how you got it back, who you passed along the way? Who knows you?

Who knows what you miss,
where you’ve been,
how you’ve felt,
when you’ve lost,
who you’ve loved?

Who knows what you’ve forgotten,
where you changed,
how you think,
when you’ve laughed,
and who makes you cry?

Who knows how broken your heart has been,
how many times you’ve tried to heal,
how much you’ve endured,
how you managed to survive?
Who knows you?

Who knows what you haven’t done,
what you couldn’t say,
what you will not see? Who knows you?

Who knows what you no longer believe, what you know to be true? Who knows you?

Who longs for your presence,
who needs your spirit,
who craves just a moment?

Who wipes the tears you have yet to shed,
who knows when your smile is masking your pain,
who waits for you to pour out your heart?
Who knows you?

Who knows your laugh, expects your humor, enjoys your style, appreciates your candor? Who knows you?

Who knows your goodbye is never final,
who knows that your hugs are always heartfelt?
Who knows that you believe in change, that people can change,
that circumstances can change, that feelings do change?

Who knows how hard you try, how often you pray, how long you hold on, how bruised you are? Who knows why there is no more, how there is too much, why it means so much, why it cannot fail? Who knows you?

Who knows you? Who knows your message, hears your intent, understands your words, stops to think? Who knows what you’re going through, what you fear, what you anticipate, what you cannot bear to experience again? Who knows you?

Who knows